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Where were you when VW died?

I was sitting in Fernandez and Wells, Somerset House, London.

Both Liz (the person I had come to meet) and I were rendered speechless: how could VW have allowed, no willed, this to happen?

It’s known that car companies fiddle with their emissions testing by retuning engines etc but to create a piece of software specifically to cheat the authorities is premeditated fraud. I felt personally betrayed.

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How Business School killed Innovation

Which it did, according to Clay Christensen, the author of The Innovator’s Dilemma and the Grand Daddy of the innovation field.

Speaking at the RSA, Professor Christensen defined his views on innovation in compellingly simplistic terms and laid the blame of what went wrong firmly at the feet of the MBA schools prioritisation of the accumulation of capital above all else.

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A Social Dividend, a fair share for all?

The wealth and income gap between the top 1% and the remaining 99% in the UK, and across much of the western world, is on the increase and showing no signs of slowing down. Many of us do not recognise any positive benefits from this misguided attitude forced upon us by the ruling elite, and we are lectured to like children that by making people richer at the top everyone else will eventually profit below them.

Indeed, many politicians base their entire strategy on this flawed logic without questioning its true effectiveness. They label it as “the trickle down effect”.

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Leland Miller Interview

From Camp Kotok in Maine, Ross Ashcroft speaks to Leland Miller, president of China Beige Book International. They discuss the current landscape of the Chinese economy as well as Miller’s predictions for the next 5 years.


Matthew Tyrmand Interview

In this Renegade Inc. talk show at Camp Kotok in Maine, Ross Ashcroft speaks to Matt Tyrmand from the NGO American Transparency which focuses on government accountability. They discuss the mission of American Transparency’s ‘Open The Books’ project, the Free Market and the liberalisation of Poland’s economy.


Barry Ritholtz Interview

At Camp Kotok in Maine, USA, Ross Ashcroft speaks to author, columnist, equities analyst and CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, Barry Ritholtz. They discuss the Fed, recessions, the Chinese Equity Bubble, Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke.


One has a job for life.

Why do we celebrate one person’s right to a job for life when they never interviewed for the position asks Matthew Lacey.


David Kotok Interview

Ross Ashcroft speaks to David Kotok, founder of Camp Kotok, in Maine, and Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Cumberland Advisors. They discuss the origins and purpose of Camp Kotok, the global economy, the Fed and US private debt levels.


People who think differently

Despite their bed-hopping antics, the most important legacy of the Bloomsbury Group is what can be achieved by people who are prepared to challenge convention in pursuit of a better world, argues Mark Braund.


The War on Terror

How much of U.S. foreign policy is genuinely altruistic? In this extract from the documentary Four Horsemen, we explore how much the war on terror is actually influenced by banks and corporations that profit so from it.