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Sixty Seconds Sense- The “Migrant Crisis”

Comedian Pete Johansson is back to put some perspective on the “Migrant Crisis” in 60 seconds or less.


Sixty Seconds Sense with Pete Johansson – NRA

The problem with gun ownership is where the money is being made.

Ross Ashcroft: Economics and Europe

Kim Hill from Radio New Zealand discusses Greece, austerity and Europe’s future with Ross Ashcroft on her Saturday Morning show.

Part 2 thmbnl

Harold Crooks and John Christensen Interview – Part 2

Harold Crooks, Director of “The Price We Pay” and John Christensen, Director and Co-founder of Tax Justice Network discuss the Robin Hood tax, the capture of the political class by the financial industry and the hope that lies in civil society’s intensifying fight for tax justice in the second half of this interview series.


Harold Crooks and John Christensen Interview – Part 1

Harold Crooks, Director of “The Price We Pay” and John Christensen, Director and Co-founder of Tax Justice Network come to the studio to talk about the ‘finance curse’, taxation and the sustainability of democracy in the first half of this interview series.

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Roman Krznaric on Empathy

Roman Krznaric, author of ‘Empathy: Why it matters and how to get it”, talks to us about empathy in the age of self interest.


Try as he may, the Chancellor cannot “eliminate the deficit” – by Ann Pettifor

The Fabian Society invited Nicola Smith of the TUC, Dan Corry – once a Labour government adviser – and me to address their Summer Conference last Saturday. The theme: how can Labour restore its economic credibility with the electorate? The audience was large – about 300 earnest, well-informed and assertive Fabians. The discussion was lively, with a buzz, as the session immediately following was to be a hustings for Labour leadership candidates.

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Cultural conflict or economic apartheid?

The chances of reducing the number of lives ruined by war and other forms of social violence depend on our ability to identify the root causes. Terrorist acts, the retaliatory war against terror, civil wars in desperately poor countries, and the violent civil unrest which is an increasing feature in rich and poor worlds; all bring loss of life, destruction of property and the ruination of economic infrastructure. They also inflict hardship on many who escape their direct effects.

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Introducing Cohort C

When you were born is irrelevant – how a mixed cohort now thinks — is about to change everything.

When making the film Four Horsemen we regularly heard a glib reservation about our efforts: “you will never get young people interested in business and economics”. We ignored this. How do you define ‘young people?’ Why are we just speaking to ‘young people?’ Are business and economics the preserve of people who are ‘older?’ Hubris and youth obsession are lethal especially when you examine what has happened over the last twenty five years.

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