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An update from Renegade Inc. HQ

It’s been about sixteen weeks since we closed our successful crowd-funding round, which many of you generously supported. Since then we have been busy at HQ creating the new Renegade Inc. platform. We have also been filming a new series of Meet the Renegades and meeting possible funding partners.


The new platform will be the watering hole for Renegade Inc. members. We have listened to your feedback and incorporated all the features you have asked for. Perhaps the most important area of the site is a page called Three Eight Five. It’s called Three Eight Five because that is the number of founder funders who’ve made the Renegade Inc. journey possible. On that page there will be a function that allows all members to talk directly with the team so we can quickly add new features or cover requested topics. Excellent member service is part of our strategy for growth. The platform will also have a Renegade Network so members can connect with each other.

Meet the Renegades

During any period of social and economic shift there are people who have excellent insight into the ongoing changes. It’s important we find those people and get their insights. By sharing their knowledge it becomes a little easier for us all to navigate the current age of volatility. This season will include: Anat Admati, John Lanchester, Lord David Putnam, Martin Sandbu, Eliane Glaser, Ian Gilbert, Hugh MacLeod, Katherine Hamnett, David Graeber, and Steve Keen. We are passionate about celebrating original thinkers.

Funding Partners

Over the last months – with our new Chairman Iain Rawlinson – we fleshed out the Renegade Inc. business plan and growth strategy. We have already begun preliminary meetings with possible capital partners for investment. This might take us a little longer than normal as there are two very important criteria

1) We are looking for a partner who shares the Renegade Inc. values and worldview

2) We want to work with somebody or an organisation that will be involved and committed for the long term.

If you are aware of someone or an organisation who might be suitable please get in touch.

So thanks to Three Eight Five and now others as the Renegade Inc. journey continues. We are really grateful for your support.

Thinking Differently with Hugh MacLeod

Where do ideas come from? What motivates people?

In this Thinking Differently podcast, Ross Ashcroft talks to cartoonist, creative entrepreneur and co-founder of GapingVoid Hugh MacLeod.

“When you have a great idea, nobody else can tell you whether it’s good or not. Only time will tell.”

Hugh’s best selling book Ignore Everybody has inspired many to take the leap and trust their ideas. He left advertising and began what is now a international career as a cartoonist. But where do ideas come from? And what motivates people to break out and do things differently?

Over 20minutes Hugh shares his views on what it takes to build an ‘overnight success’. He talks about his career and work to date and why we should all question our current notion of what it is to be ‘successful’.


Meet the Renegades – Christian Felber

On this episode of Meet the Renegades, Ross Ashcroft welcomes Christian Felber – author, lecturer and founder of the Economy for the Common Good.

From Aristotle to Adam Smith economics was a school of thought based on Natural Laws and philosophy. How come we have strayed so far from our roots? What really has the Mont Pelerin Society got to do with Reaganomics and Thatcherism?


Meet the Renegades – Ian Gilbert

In this Meet the Renegades, Ross Ashcroft speaks to writer and educator Ian Gilbert. They discuss the faltering education system in developed nations and how it is affecting a generation of children.


Can Central Banks Bail Out The Economy Next Time Around?

There are vast numbers of Zombie companies out there who are paying off nominal interest payments on huge debts in order to keep the lights on.

“Zombie Company” is a media term for a company that needs constant bailouts in order to operate, or an indebted company that is able to repay the interest on its debts but not reduce its debts…Wikipedia

Read More


Meet The Renegades – Anat Admati

Ross Ashcroft speaks to Anat Admati, Finance and Economics professor at Stanford School of Business. She is author of The Bankers’ New Clothes and gives a truthful view into the banking sector and the damage it has caused to the real economy.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.35.03

David Graeber: What the government doesn’t want you to know about debt

David Graeber, anthropologist and author of Debt: The First 5000 years, explains in this ‘Comment is Free’ video that ‘if the government balances its books, it becomes impossible for the private sector to do the same. And, he claims, this inevitable debt often gets landed on those in society least able to pay it back’.

Thinking Differently with Lord David Puttnam (Pt 2)

In the first episode of our new podcast series Thinking Differently, Ross Ashcroft speaks to Oscar winning filmmaker, Lord David Puttnam.


Over-managed & under-led

The language we use is telling. We don’t ever ‘lead decline’ or ‘manage success’. We do the opposite – we ‘manage’ decline and ‘lead’ any success.

In business it’s binary – you’re doing one or the other. If you are in a corporate structure the likelihood is you are managing decline. If you have opted for the autonomy to write your own rules then you have more of a chance to lead a success.

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Thinking Differently with Lord David Puttnam (Pt 1)

In the first episode of our new podcast series Thinking Differently, Ross Ashcroft speaks to Oscar winning filmmaker and educator Lord David Puttnam.