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Practically the entire world is under control of powerful money interests, whether they be Chinese, Russian, European, American or other oligarchs or trans national organizations. This has not always been the case.

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The Keiser Report

Thursday, 22 November 2012
Watch the interview with Ross Ashcroft on Stacy Herbert and Max Keier's show -The Keiser Report.
The PICNIC 2012 series. We speak to Daan about claiming his space between autonomy and interaction, beauty and bullshit and soft & hard capital of art.

Today, beyond any doubt, the desirability of system change is widely accepted. Here is a look into the 3 urgent global problems to address first.

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We need to face the inevitable: the global economic crisis may not be resolvable by governments or industry... no matter the tools they use.
The PICNIC 2012 series. We speak with Louisa Heinrich. In the current era of techology, data and humanilty what does it mean to truly ‘own’ our quantified selves?

In Conversation With: Byron Reese

Wednesday, 17 October 2012
We speak with Byron Reese about The Great Disconnect.
PICNIC, together with its partners and friends, has investigated what “New Ownership” means and what new opportunities it offers for our personal lives, society, businesses and planet. We meet with the organisers and see how they approached this years festival.

The PICNIC 2012 series. The Renegade Economist speaks with Tim O'Reilly, from O'Reilly Media about the emerging 'sharing economy' and his thoughts on the future shape of economics.
By ignoring debt, and thinking magically about economic growth and the operation of markets, the mainstream of economists and politicians have wrecked havoc on the UK economy. We now collectively owe so much that if the net worth of the UK was cashed up and used to pay off private-sector debt, there would be a £2 trillion shortfall. This level of debt is not neutral in an economy. We need a rational approach to private debt.
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