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PICNIC, together with its partners and friends, has investigated what “New Ownership” means and what new opportunities it offers for our personal lives, society, businesses and planet. We meet with the organisers and see how they approached this years festival.

The PICNIC 2012 series. The Renegade Economist speaks with Tim O'Reilly, from O'Reilly Media about the emerging 'sharing economy' and his thoughts on the future shape of economics.
By ignoring debt, and thinking magically about economic growth and the operation of markets, the mainstream of economists and politicians have wrecked havoc on the UK economy. We now collectively owe so much that if the net worth of the UK was cashed up and used to pay off private-sector debt, there would be a £2 trillion shortfall. This level of debt is not neutral in an economy. We need a rational approach to private debt.
Five years ago this month BNP Paribas locked down its operations on the grounds of a "complete evaporation of liquidity". A year later Lehman Brothers collapsed. So, is that it now? Are we through the worst of the so-called global financial crisis, or is there more to come?
That's not a Renegade Economist headline, by the way; it's a recent headline from a Daily Telegraph article ... which is surprising. Because, by and large, the mainstream press doesn't do "peak oil". Peak oil is generally considered by the mainstream media to be that territory owned by swivel-eyed fruitcakes who consider utopia to be all solar panels and wind turbines. Screaming "peak oil" is merely a conspiratorial means to that utopian end. Well, let's take a closer look at the subject.

James Robertson has been described as the ‘grandfather of green economics’; he might equally be called the father of Renegade Economics: over the last three decades nobody has been more eloquent or straightforward in their advocacy of a new economic order.

What is this store; benefit comment; you speak of? tadalafil 5mg In aversion there may be more shareholders in this area.
The Renegade Economist team is heading over to PICNIC Festival 2012 in Amsterdam. This year focus on the theme "new ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up".
Certain types of parasitic organisms change the behaviour of the host in order to ensure their own survival. What if economies of the world have been infected by an economic parasite of a similar type?
The second instalment of Pinhead economics. Time to take the blinkers off.
What happens instantaneously on a pinhead that exists nowhere and everywhere? Most economic activity according to the dominant strain of economics.
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