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Standby now for Europe's political and bureaucratic elites to scream ever louder, ever more aggressively with ever more futility for "ever closer union", whilst telling the world and his wife that the great European project is "irreversible".

State Licenses for certain occupations have long been a rallying cry for libertarians, and have recently been one of few areas where they find common ground with left leaning economists.

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Probably the greatest challenge of our time is for the politico-economic Establishment to understand that we’ve now almost certainly reached the end of economic growth as we’ve come to know and love it this past 150 – 200 years, ie throughout the industrial/post-industrial age.

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Bypass the bankers

Written by Dan Gay Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ooh, a banking enquiry. Bob Diamond's geezers will be quaking in their Guccis.

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It's all beginning to smack of panic.
In the first of these articles I outlined some relevant ideas about cognition and introduced George Lakoff's idea of the 'frame'. In this second part I try to show how Lakoff applies the idea to the political spectrum.
Darwin's emphasis on competition tells us more about Victorian Britain than about nature. Nature is in fact always cooperative and symbiotic. Similarly conservative narratives of self-reliance belie the cooperation that underpins their own global success.
George Lakoff has been arguing for some years that Conservatives in the USA have a massive advantage over progressives because of the way they understand and use language.
Over at the Daily Telegraph, Jeremy Warner has just admitted to noticing the falling oil price. He reckons it's one reason the economy could soon be looking up. Oh, really?
Similarities between Neo-Classical Economic theory and Ayn Rand's Objectivism.
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