From Euro Crisis to Sinister Moves?

From Euro Crisis to Sinister Moves?

Written by Moraymint Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Anybody else noticed the transition these days from a group of bankers, bureaucrats and politicians grappling (and largely failing) with an intractable economic crisis, to something more sinister?

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We're reading now that despite the virtual inevitability of a disorderly financial collapse of the euro currency, and quite possibly an existential threat to the European Union itself, the triumvirate mafia I mentioned above (the bankers, bureaucrats and politicians) is now opening the throttle towards the creation of a superstate.

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What's more, the initiative has been placed with the bankers and the bureaucrats to develop a top-down "solution". Financiers and apparatchiks are being asked (told by a German) to propose the future organisation of the European continent.

No mention of a surge in popular support throughout the nations of Europe for the creation of a superstate. Hardly, because there is no such support. So, no mandate whatsoever then for the apparatchiks to develop the blueprint for a European superstate; just instructions from a German politician.

Why is our own British political class going along with all of this? It's an almost unbelievable affront to democracy.

As the triumvirate mafia goes about its sinister business, almost wholly detached from the needs and wishes of Europe's citizens (who seem to be largely comatose for the time being), all we can do at the moment is hope to goodness for 3 things to happen: that the markets will triumph over political dementedness and bring down the unworkable and unsustainable currency union that is the euro; that a critical mass of citizens in each of the European nations will wake up to the fact that they now risk being herded in to the mother-of-all cattle wagons; and that the complex dictatorship that is the European Union itself will be forced into collapse.

Just looking at the bulletins rolling in on the 'usual suspects' websites like Reuters, Zero Hedge etc one gets the impression of a crisis evolving inexorably towards chaos (including the lights going out in Greece). It's heartening to think that the politicians and the bureaucrats could well be losing (perceived) control of this crisis quicker than they and we think ... oh for a Berlin Wall moment, eh?

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A father ... wanting to prepare his children to survive and thrive during the long descent to a lower energy future.

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  • Comment Link Michiel Tuesday, 12 June 2012 12:58 posted by Michiel

    Already knew that another big power grab would start around this time. The classes give this summer the masses their 'bread and circuses' (Soccer and Olympics). While the masses are focused on the sport events the classes are focused on their dictorial superstate to implement.
    The masses are boiling frogs. When the last right, the last freedom has been taken away they will wake up in chains.

  • Comment Link Robert Wednesday, 13 June 2012 18:23 posted by Robert

    We need a collapse for the sheeple to wake up. We need a collapse so we can get our liberty back.

  • Comment Link Allen Smith Thursday, 03 January 2013 07:16 posted by Allen Smith

    There is a lot of controversies in Euro Debt crisis. According to Angela Merkel, Germany is not agree on pooling sovereign debt or sharing the liabilities of banking with other European countries until there is another or greater union is not available. Again according to François Hollande, France is not ready to afford the loss of their sovereignty unless they get a better or greater solidarity. So there should be more responsibilities in the politics among the European Nations.

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