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Open Letter to The Occupy Movement: It's Time for the Ultimate Occupation
Miguel Saavedra

Open Letter to The Occupy Movement: It's Time for the Ultimate Occupation

Written by Renegade Correspondent Tuesday, 06 December 2011
I dreamed about a movement like Occupy Wall St. starting in America when I first became aware of the youth uprising in Egypt. I knew it was only a matter of time before it eventually landed here in America.

After seeing the first videos and pictures of OWS supporters in NY sleeping on the ground in Liberty Square and getting pepper-sprayed for non-violently expressing their views of a corrupt system, a loud voice sounded off in my mind: “The People Will Not Take It Any Longer!”

I would like to present two scenarios; one describing what will happen if wait for a solution from a bought government and one describing what will happen if we self organize our way to a sustainable economy and planet.

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This is Chess, Not Checkers

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Scenario 1

Expose The Problem & Wait For A Solution From The “Authorities”

My main question to the movement is why are we making demands for more bank and corporate regulations to a government that is owned by those same banks and multinational corporations?

The Egyptian Revolution was based on ousting Mubarak from rule. Mass support for the movement helped to make that happen but what was the outcome? A military regime whose outlook is possibly not much different from that of Mubarak, was put in power. The people protested in the streets, got their voices heard, and got what they demanded. Unfortunately, nothing is really going to change because the root problems weren’t solved, which are the systemic flaws of our current economic system.

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“You don’t remove poisonous fruit by picking them off the tree, you change the seed.”

Scenario 2

Occupy The System

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Imagine if you didn’t have enough blood to circulate to all of your organs? Well that’s exactly the problem with our economy. There’s not enough money circulating to satisfy everyones’ needs. But this is crazy! We have way more than enough money in existence, but it’s just being hoarded (the system rewards hoarding money by the gain of interest). The irony of this is when money is hoarded and doesn’t circulate, we have a bad economy; and when money is constantly circulating, we have a good economy.

So it seems to me, we just have to devise a economic model that keeps money flowing (economic booms) without the reoccurring blockages (depressions, recessions). How will a system be structured in this type of way? We need to foster the evolution of four things: Money, Enterprise, Education, and The Social Network.

Occupy Money

Due to our debt-based money system, there’s not enough national currency circulating in the economy to satisfy everyone’s needs. It’s like we have a full circle of people existing, but only a half circle of money circulating in the economy.

This type of evolved money is people-powered and it is called mutual credit. It is a digital “producer to producer currency” that tracks how much someone produces for the community and how much someone consumes from the community. It is abundant and available when needed (just like numbers and inches), so nothing is in the way of exchanges continuing to happen. And the great thing about it is, it’s backed by the goods and services in a community. Starting off, it will be complementary to our national currency. But as our economy gets worst, mutual credit will become more and more preferred as the medium of exchange.

Money is supposed to be like "Producer & Consumer Inches" not "Producer & Consumer Certificates". (Information vs. Commodities)

Occupy Enterprise

The traditional corporation is an entity that has legal authority to seek profit over the well being of people and the planet. But people operate these fictitious entities. Why are we, the people, letting something artificial exploit nations for short-term gain, but with long-term socioeconomic and environmental losses for us and the planet? With the rise of social entrepreneurship and cooperatives, we, the people, now have a way to operate business in a way that not only makes a living for us, but also improves communities and gives our work meaning.

Occupy Education

In order to get ourselves out of this economic crisis, we have to start creating opportunities instead of just looking for them. This happens by evolving education to give students a producer mindset instead of a job seeker’s. This is done by creating a variety of complementary education/economic development centers called startup hubs, which help people develop their natural talents and passions into a business.

In addition, we need to build a public knowledge inventory, which is a web-based platform that stores the quality and quantity of knowledge assets that exist in a particular location. The idea has been developed by my associate, Dan Robles, of The Ingenesist Project.

Occupy The Social Network

Since I’m not a person who just speaks about making change, my team and I has been actively working on a potential solution. Our idea incubator, The Illuminated Ventures Project (IllVP), is developing a project called Producia (Here’s the link to the presentation), which aims to be the online/offline social network for the new economy and has the goal of taking humanity on journey to self-actualization. Imagine that, everybody reaching their full potential. Great thought, isn’t it? Our current economic system was the barrier from making that happen. It no longer has to be; not if we self-organize a complementary system. In fact, why not self-organize a complementary society? Why shouldn't we build a world that benefits the whole? The Occupy Movement has shown us that we have the capability to build micro-communities within cities ourselves.

I suggest you to read the article on how a group of affluent people could of created their own nation based on the example of the Lifecast company's story.

In Closing

What I’m ultimately trying to say is, we’re at a crossroads; one way leads to tyranny and scarcity and the other leads to love and abundance. The tyranny and scarcity awaits us if we wait for “them” to provide us with solutions. Love and abundance awaits us if we self-organize the solutions to our problems. We’ve occupied locations and got the people’s and media’s attention. Great! Now they’re waiting to see what’s next. Yes, it’s time to occupy the system and drive the change we so desperately need. We’ve protested. Now it’s time to produce! From protesting to producing!

And always remember...A revolution can be stopped, an evolution can not!

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