Camilla Batmanghelidj - On why some are not succeeding

Camilla Batmanghelidj - On why some are not succeeding

Wednesday, 03 August 2011
Are opportunities available to everyone in today's society?
Camila Batmanghelidjh is a British businesswoman, charity leader and author of Iranian origin.

She has been living in England since the age of 11 and founded two charities - the place2b and Kids Company where she and her team care for 14 000 vulnerable children and young people in London.

The charity operates from 3 street level centres in Southwark, Lambeth and Camden, as well as working in 37 inner-city schools. Nearly 11 000 volunteers contribute to it every year.

Books he has authored include 'Shattered Lives: Children Who Live with Courage and Dignity'.

Watch the interview with him in the film below:


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